Social Dancing Classes

There comes a stage in everyone’s life be it for personal or social reasons that a desire to dance crosses your mind. Maybe you got an invite to a wedding or maybe you’re having a wedding. Maybe you were at a dance at the weekend and failed to get the courage to go out on the floor because you were not confident enough to ask anyone to dance. Whatever your reasons, starting a dance class is always a positive and exciting thing to do.

Learning to dance is easy when shown the basics and after basics are learned it’s practice. It doesn’t take a lot to learn to dance. The only requirement is that you can walk forward and backwards and move side to side without falling over. The basics are so simple that you are always left wondering why you never started sooner.

Dancing is a great form of exercise and a great social outlet. It really can open up new doors for you in your life. It doesn’t matter about your age. You are never too old or young to get in on the fun. My classes are a great social outlet where you can meet people and make new friends. Although dance classes are not dating agencies, I have even encountered people finding love through my classes.


For me as a dance teacher I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge of dancing with them. Nothing brings me more joy than to see people I taught to dance out dancing at events, knowing that they chose me to help them achieve their dreams and helped them with their confidence to take to the floor. Every person who comes to my classes is important to me and everyone who comes gets my full attention.

I try and base myself in areas for as long as possible, sometimes even years, so that everyone has a decent opportunity and outlet to learn and practice on a weekly basis. I’m not a believer in courses, especially for beginners, as it’s my belief that learning to dance properly with timing can take at least 3 to 6 months for most people. If you think about it, you can’t expect amazing results from anything you want to master by spending 1 to 2 hours per week trying to learn over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. Dancing is no different.

At the classes you don’t need a partner but it always helps if you have one. For couples, learning to dance together is possibly one of the best bonding and fun exercises you both could do. So why not stop putting it on the long finger and get down to one of my classes and come and see that it’s not difficult to learn at all. Don’t worry about your two left feet, I’ll make one of them right.

Social Dancing Dates And Venues

Here is a list of Social Dancing dates and venues that I will be attending over the next 28 days. Feel free to come along on the night at a venue that suits you. No partners required and all ages are welcome.