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Let’s Jive | Learning To Jive Made Easy

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Everybody with any kind of ear for music can dance. It just takes a little practice. That’s the firm belief of Niall Doorhy, who has directed this first ever DVD tutorial in Social Dance Jive in Ireland. A native of Loughrea, Co. Galway, Niall was born into a family that has music running through their veins. Niall has been dancing for many years and because of his patient manner and ability to make dancing look easy, he has adapted a way that brings unconfident people to dance for the first time in their lives. In 2014 he featured on RTE’s Nationwide and on TV3. He was interviewed by Ray D’Arcy on Today FM and also featured on the Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1.

Social Dance Jive is the fastest growing dance craze all over Ireland, with a new generation of people young and old taking to the floors at venues all over the country. Learning how to Jive can be easy once you master the beginning steps or basic movement. In this DVD Niall uses the 8 steps per rotation with the woman and a matching 8 taps to the man’s footwork. With practice without music at first and using the 8 count Niall uses, these steps can be mastered in no time. Also in the DVD Niall has included some technical advanced moves for you to use when you have mastered the beginners Jive. “I hope you enjoy this DVD tutorial and learn something from it, just remember to practice, practice, practice. Happy dancing”.